ThumbUp: Secure Smartwatch Controller for Smart Homes using Simple Hand Gestures.

Published in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), 2022

Recommended citation: Xiaojing Yu, Zhijun Zhou, Lan Zhang, Xiang-Yang Li. ThumbUp: Secure Smartwatch Controller for Smart Homes using Simple Hand Gestures, Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC 2022).

The development of creative applications and intelligent gadgets requires a secure and straightforward interface with human users. We propose, design, and implement ThumbUp, a smartwatch-based two-factor real-time identification and authentication system in which smartwatch users can identify and authenticate themselves using some simple hand and finger movements, such as thumb-up. ThumbUp leverages the signal from the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) in in Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) smart devices to discover the unique pattern generated by each user’s simple gestures using a carefully constructed deep learning model. Smart homes provide a comfortable, safe, and efficient living environment, epecially help the sick and aged. We propose strategies for convenient and reliable control in smart homes with gesture command recognition. We build an Auto-Encoder-based filter that reconstructs the raw data to improve the representation of gesture features. Moreover, we adopt the random forest method to analyse the contextual command correlation. And we employ the authentication system based on smartwatch for personalized command feedback and ensure that illegals cannot use the device. We implement our system and undertake rigorous studies to determine its usefulness and efficiency over a three-month period with 65 users. It achieves a 97% accuracy for user classification and an EER of 0.014 for authentication task with a single simple gesture. And our method achieves 91% accuracy for command recognition and 96% command accuracy with contextual informations. Additionally, we conduct a study of user acceptability of our system and explain how gesture proficiency influences authentication accuracy.

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